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Lilian Desvaux de Marigny.


Student in computer science, amateur videographer and photographer, graphic artist, drummer,
I'm passionate by the new technologies and their potential of media creation.


With a great capacity of adaptation in groups, I have already realised projects with qualified workers while remaining in a cool atmosphere.


I have a great capacity of self-adaptation, I discover and realise some new working technics by myself.


Better known as LDMWEB, I produce videos on YouTube. Teasing, Photos and social networks are now a part of my life.



I started those languages when I was 14 years old, and I still performing it.


C Programming

Main language in Epitech Education School, I perform it every days.


Adobe After Effects

Videographer since I'm 13, I use frequently this software to produce motion design vidéos.


Adobe Photoshop

I started using this software at the same time as After Effects, and today I use it many times.

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